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It all begins in Georgia!


March 26, 1994 I began my hike atop Springer Mountain in Georgia. Looking back, I seem so clean (and green!) beard, a HUGE backpack and just 2,000 miles left to go! Note the first white trail blaze to the left.

My foot beside the brass plaque designating the southern terminus of the AT. I completely wore out two pair of Vasque Skywalk boots during my 5 month walk. I only used 8 pair of ThorLo socks, some of which I'm still using!

After the first 30 miles Neels Gap is the first "civilized" stop that is greatly anticipated. Here a fellow can check into the hikers hostel, get a hot shower and laugh at the thunderstorm outside!

Plumorchard shelter is the last shelter in Georgia. It was airlifted to this remote site with some help from the nearby US Army Rangers outpost!

Welcome to North Carolina!

(My home state)

After 75 miles I proudly become a Georgia thru-hiker at the North Carolina state line!

Taking a little time-out in the Nantahala gorge. (from L to R)..."Marmot", "Jester", and "Troll" sniffing the air for ice cream, about a block away!

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