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PHOTOS...Page Two

The AT straddles the North Carolina and Tennessee state lines for about 300 miles


I met "Pogo" early in my hike. Because of her fun, wild, and determined personality, she was always a blast to be around. Pogos two walking sticks became her trademark!

Feet were always a beautiful site to behold on the Trail and over the course of 2,000 miles I accumulated a proud collection of such!

Here, just outside Erwin, Tennessee a telephone on the Trail was never passed up for a delivery on wheels!

In Erwin, Tennessee we met "Mookie" who thru-hiked in '92 then came back in '94 to open Haven Farm, a hikers hostel of which we were his first group. Mookie rounds up hikers with his superb shuttle-van service!

Mookie was the perfect host offering us a piece of home from far away.

In exchange for a great place to stay, everyone pitched in for a couple of hours each day to help Mookie plant his spring garden.

"Jester" growling just after Pogo shaved his head for the next hundred miles.

And finally a photo of the first group to ever stay at Haven Farm.

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