My website is dedicated to my late grandparents; Henry & Elizabeth Grady

Grandpa and Grandma Grady after returning from church.

Grandpa as I will always remember him, sitting on the front porch swing after feeding the cattle with his dog.

This is one of the few photos that I have of Grandpa and me. It appears that my full attention is on the dog "Sport" and all those rocks in my hands.

Grandpa and me leading the cattle back down the mountain.

That's me in the middle at about 10 years old with my cousins Clay and Jeff in the barn. A grand part of every summer was spending several weeks at our grandparents farm. "Going to the farm" was always a greatly anticipated trip that really did make my childhood like something out of a storybook, and with a hundred acres of woods to roam just fed my curiosity for adventure!

Me in that '60's paisley shirt with several of my cousins and my brother Mike in the background.

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