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Two or three times during the three month trapping season the Alabama Fur Taker's Association would sponsor a fur auction, usually near Montgomery since that was more centrally located. This was also payday for the trapper and it was always nice to have several fur buyers bidding on your fur. Here are a few photos from some great fur auction memories.

Payday for a lot of labor!

Trappers and fur buyers lining up at the registration desk for a lot of things... like a cup of hot coffee!

Larry Johnston (raccoon hat) and his wife Marcia, talking to me at the registration desk.

Here is Larry getting things started and laying out the ground rules for the auction to sellers and buyers.

Bundles and bundles of prime Alabama backwoods fur was stacked all around the gym as fur buyers made their inspections.

A close-up of some nice fox.

Larry looking over some fur along with one of the bidding fur buyers. .

A very proud trapper displays his fur before selling.

Another trapper shows off the labors of a lot of hard work.

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