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PHOTOS...Page Nine

After 5 months of hiking, it's MAINE!!!!!!


It's raining, I'm all alone, and it's very late in the day. Then out of the blue here is the final state line of my 5 month trip. Despite the conditions of the day, I'm filled with a new surge of energy!

Just another early cool Maine morning! Note the low white clouds over the valleys below me.

Monson is the last trail town on the AT before the Hundred Mile Wilderness and Mt.Katahdin. Shaws Boarding House owned by Keith and Pat Shaw is another thru-hiker tradition and they were even featured in a National Geographic article about the AT. Keith gave me a ride into town and I felt most honored when he said that he was THE Keith Shaw!

On Saddleback Mountain

On my next to last day of hiking I surprisingly bumped into Rich Smith, who I had worked with about 10 years ago! I had no idea that he was on the trail and begining his own north to south hike.

From far away the peak of Mt.Katahdin bears the northern terminus of the AT!

...and getting just a little bit closer!

There it is up close...the crown jewel of the AT and the reward of a rigorous 5 month commitment!

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