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PHOTOS...Page Seven

Into New Jersey, New York, and Beyond!


That's "Wild Bill" and "Salty from Wisconsin" in the rear.

A nice but very steep section of trail!

The state line just painted on a rock.

The Bear Mountain Bridge spans over the famous Hudson River and is a half mile long!

I chased "Annie & The Salesman" for several hundred miles and felt like I knew them personally from reading their trail register entries, when I finally caught up to them in northern Pennsylvania. They were from my original homestate of Alabama, so it bacame a mission to catch them. Their son "Fairhope" thru-hiked in '92.

Just a pretty covered bridge somewhere near the trail!

The Greymoor Monastary hands out its gracious arms to thru-hikers offering a generous meal and a fine bed. They have become another AT tradition.

Somehow "Annie & the Salesman" found out that July 2nd was my birthday and sneaked in a honeybun cake with a big ole hikers candle stuck in it! As I approached the shelter I was greeted by a chorus of "Happy Birthday" and this truely was one of the best birthdays in my life!

Right on the Trail you can catch a short train ride to Grand Central Station in NYC.

Skunk, Mountain Jam, Blue Sky, and me enjoy some high-life dining just to remind ourselves that another world does still exist!

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