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PHOTOS...Page Five

Virginia just keeps on going...and going...and going


Just before Shennandoah National Park you come to Waynesboro which is another great hosting trail town! The fire department even allows you to pitch your tent on their small lawn if you can handle the constant blasting of sirens through out the night.

Wild Bill is finally waking up outside the fire station!

The Buckeye Duo flashed through Waynesboro a lot faster than I did.

Here in the heart of Shennandoah the Lone Buckeye points out one of many whitetail deer along the way.

Hal & Ruth were the greatest hosts ever at the Blackburn AT Center. I especially enjoyed all of Hals thru-hiking stories...and oh yeah, the unique solar shower!

It's June 6th and I've finally made it to West Virginia and I couldn't find anyone with a good West Virginia joke!!!

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