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PHOTOS...Page Three


"Alabama Dave" is a retired school principal who is living out his dream to hike the Appalachian Trail. His hiking pace was a little slower than the 20 year olds, but I never saw anyone slurp up a half-gallon of ice cream faster than he could!

"ThunderChicken" acquired his trail name by living through the same storm that I survived!

Here's "Troll" preparing to sleep directly on the AT! We drug ourselves into a shelter late one evening so we can say that we have actually camped ON the AT!

From L to R it's the "Buckeye Duo" and "Wild Bill"!

At 500 miles, Virginia truely is for hikers!

This was one of the biggest poplar trees I've ever seen...right on the Trail near Roanoke, Virginia.

The oldest documented tree on the AT...a white oak. If only this tree could talk!

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