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PHOTOS...Page Ten

The last step...on top of Katahdin!!


In 1989 I pedaled my bicycle 1,800 miles through New England and SE Canada. While passing through Baxter State Park I buried a Canadian dollar coin at the base of Mt.Katahdin commiting myself to hike the AT some day to retrieve it. It took five years to return and following my "treasure map", I found the coin exactly where I'd buried it! I treasure that coin like gold today!

152 days later on August 24th, that's my foot on the last white blaze of the trail. Note the fine dental floss sewing job on that boot!

On the peak! I arrived to the applause of about 20 day hikers who were already on the summit.

Although I'd left most of my "heavy" gear back at the ranger station, I was determined to carry my backpack all the way up for a final celebration toss!!!

Here's a picture that Pogo sent me after she completed her thru-hike on September 26th. Way to go Pogo!!

The "Odd Couple" sent me this photo after they completed their hike on September 25th!

...and Troll sent me this photo of him making a celebrating toast upon completing his hike!


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