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The Appalachian Trail is truely unique and a new modern-day creation. The route was never used by early American Indians nor was it the wagon trail of any American pioneers. It was solely the result of a shared dream, begining in the 1920's of individual volunteers in cooperation with federal, state, and local agencies.

During this early era the Appalachian Trail Conference was formed as a non-profit organization. The conference chose the route and after more than 70 years later the trail is almost 100% complete and maintained by some 4,000 volunteers who continue to carry the torch of the original dream!

In 1968 the National Trails System Act protected the AT from the encroachment of development, thus designating it as our first national scenic trail.


When I thru-hiked the AT in 1994 it was 2,155.1 miles in length stretching up, over, and around 14 states! Re-routing the trail is common with the exact distance changing from year to year, but looking at the AT as a 2,000 miler is close enough for most of us!

From Georgias rocky Springer Mountain to the mighty Katahdin in Maines north woods, the AT traverses six parts of the national park service, eight national forests, and even down the Main streets of several "trail towns"! All of this magnificent trail and nearly two thirds of the US population lives within a days drive of this national treasure!

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