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Pacific Crest Trail... photos and journal

Summer of 2001...Northern California...

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The Siead Valley continued...

The post offfice and store.

This is Chris and Mike, section hikers that return to the PCT each year for a new adventure.

Here is the Siead Valley and the Klamath river after climbing out of the valley.

A nasty thunderstorm moved in on me with a lot of lightning strikes during the night.

The last sunset that I saw from the PCT in California.

I finally make it to a new state... Oregon!

From my journal (July 11, Day-77)..."It's nice to see the sun shining at wake up eventhough my feet must still go into some very wet shoes. Along the way I could see small clouds of smoke from several contained forest fires started from lightning strikes of yesterday afternoon, once walking right by a huge stump that was still burning but the forest service had it contained. At about 10:30 am the highlight of the day is finally reaching the Oregon border where I stop to read and to sign the register and to reflect upon all that I've overcome to get this far. It is a moment of reverence and elation as I try to comprehend what I've accomplished. The trail has now become just a long and mild "roller coaster" on the crest with no major valley downs and ups so my mileage is greatly increasing... sure hope that this continues. Most of the day is overcast and my feet remain uncomfortably wet from all the grass that continued to hold water from all the rains of yesterday. In sight of Interstate 5 I finally make camp on a tiny flat spot just above the trail on what seems to be an old logging road. "

The California/Oregon border and register on the PCT.

It is so sweet to finally be in Oregon!

Join me on the next page as I re-supply in Ashland then hike on by Hyatt Lake north to the magnificent Crater Lake National Park!