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I had to saw and chop a lot of wood for the winter. There was almost always a nice fire burning in the open hearth fireplace, mainly to sooth the soul and the wood heater pumped out the necessary heat to keep the body plenty warm!

Chopping wood kept me plenty busy in the mid summer to late fall months.

On many a day I'd cook my meal which usually included a rabbit or squirrel on an open fire that I built right outside my front door.

And here's "Scooter" my dog, which a visiting neighbor gave me. During his first night at my cabin he scooted right over the fence so I named him for this early feat!

As I pour a cup of hot coffee, Scooter is wondering what he's gonna get

That's my brother Mike (standing) my mother and me watching Scooter being the spoiled dog that he is!

And there's that dog again, sleeping away on the sofa. This dog really lived the life of a king!

With only one huge double window in the cabin I decided to frame in a sky light which certainly brightened up my living space a lot.

This is a cement slab that I made to put on top of the chimney.

For what it's worth that's me standing beside the chicken coop from atop the cabin roof as smoke billows from the stove pipe.

I built almost all of my own furniture including this fine pine pole bed.

I threaded quarter inch rope through the framing which made for a good comfortable base.

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