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Me posing with a fine full curl set of dall sheep horns.

From the left is Mark (guide) measuring a set of dall sheep horns as a hunter from Chicago looks on.

Sometimes there was a slack period between hunts so one day while rambling around Camp Glacier I built this bridge over the creek.

A shot of Randy in Camp Glacier.

Oh boy! Everybody's favorite chore.

Once in a while the sun broke out for a warm day. We always took advantage of these savored moments no matter where we were!

Scoping for sheep atop the glacier. Don't let those rocks fool you because it's solid ice underneath for a long ways!

The antlers from a small moose that we shot for meat. According to Alaskan trophy standards this was a very small moose, but it's bigger than anything roaming the woods of my home state of Alabama and I placed them over the mantle in my own log cabin. They are shown in the photo/essay of my Alabama log cabin via the homepage.

This is Spider-horse. Spider was one of my favorite horses and truely had personality!

Here's a very musty Mark (guide) warming up a bucket of water for a bath. This is our highest camp, the Silver Spoon and above the tree line. For this reason we had to conserve firewood which was scarce and was gathered from brush and bushes.

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